Save Førdefjorden

Dumping of mining waste has no place in the future, neither in Førdefjorden nor any other fjord. Taking this case to court was expensive. We need your contribution to make a difference!

FørdefjordenLuka Tomac

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Help save the fjord

The Norwegian government has given permission for a controversial mining project in Førdefjorden. The fjord can be used as a waste site for the mining industry, even though less harmful alternatives exist.

Friends of the Earth Norway and Young Friends of the Earth Norway have now taken legal action against the state in this case. In the first round in court, we lost – and will even have to cover the costs for the state. Now, we are considering whether we should appeal – something which may cost us even more, if we don’t succeed.

Support the fjord lawsuit. Make a contribution. Together we will save Førdefjord!